"Report user" button for ORA2

During peer assessment, the possibility for the learner to report another peer through a report button. If the person sees an inappropriate response (e.g. a text unrelated to the prompt), or received an inappropriate review from a peer (no constructive feedback, only “well done!” despite the instructions asked for a detailed feedback). they should be able to click “report” for that specific user, which will then notify the course instructor (e.g through an automatic email).

The process for spotting inappropriate responses is way too convoluted.


This sounds like something that learners should be able to do, which could be reported and actioned much more clearly from the Staff Area of ORA2. Would that be sufficient? I agree that push notifications would also be useful, but I think that’s a larger project that would require input from edX Architecture.

Would making the reporting process easier for learners and staff to manage mean we wouldn’t need Non-anonymous peer assessment ? I would think keeping assignments and assessments anonymous helps prevent bias.