Add selective path to courses

example: in some of our courses, the student is given the option to select one book of 4. based upon his choice, the platform should adapt the rest of the content to support the user selection

have you tried conditionals or flow-control xblock?

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Not yet, thanks @cotoha!
I saw that you implemented a similar scenario in:

CC @eran @WeissA

This is one where we’ve had a specific use-case where it would’ve been useful. Our Law course had an optional set of sections towards the end, where there was essentially an ‘A’ route or a ‘B’ route.

We looked at flow-control and conditional content, but found they were A) awkward to implement in a way that our academic authors could use and B) not fit for what they wanted to build. Essentially they wanted students to be able to pick an entire section to study, but still have easy access to the other sections, as they’re third-year students who should be able to manage their own workload and make their own decisions about when and what to study.

While I could help them work around the awkwardness, their desire to permit conditionality (is that even a word?) in a soft-managed way, and at a wider scale than just within a subsection meant we basically just presented all the content and put in signposting to remind them not to do both paths. It was awkward though.

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